Twilight Dentistry in Budapest

There is no need to fear painful or uncomfortable dental treatment. We offer anaesthesia for our interventions such as extractions, implants, and numerous other interventions. The fear of oral surgery or teeth extraction is a fear of the past. Nowadays all of these interventions can be carried out without any pain at all, since they can be performed under conscious sedation or general anaesthesia.

Anaesthetic dental treatment and tooth extraction

Do you find it hard to muster up the courage and visit the dentist? Do you tend to postpone examinations out of fear of possible necessary treatments or because of an earlier negative experience? That kind of procrastination can only postpone the problem, serves to reinforce the fear, and eventually leads to a more painful and costly treatment. Nowadays, these fears are unfounded, because dental interventions can be carried out with the help of anaesthesia, through which you don’t have to “withstand” the treatment, but may actually have a pain-free and pleasant experience at the dental clinic.

Which forms of anaesthesia do we provide?

Conscious sedation through the administration of gas mixture which is inhaled, accompanied by local injections which together ensure comfort and pain relief throughout the procedure, while being constantly awake. With the help of intravenous anaesthesia a short state of unconsciousness can be induced, while we perform the necessary oral surgery, so that you will have no recollection of it.

Are you afraid of injections?

Even the smallest pain is avoided with the help of an anaesthetic gel applied to the skin surface where the puncture of the needle will take place. This ensures that the patient doesn’t feel a thing. The gel that we use is four times more efficient than lidocaine, used by most dental practitioners. This gel makes painless injections possible even on the most sensitive areas of the body.

Our patients can ask for pain relief through the means of anaesthesia, which is a well respected and common practice. It is not perceived as a sign of any kind of weakness, it simply expresses the wish of a painless intervention. Our clinic in Budapest is one of the specialized locations where such a treatment is possible.

We do our best to ensure a perfectly pain-free and comfortable experience to our patients while providing high level dental care.