How would you like a captivating bright smile, just like you see in the movies?

Hungarodental makes this dream an achievable goal.

To have a brilliant smile, it’s not enough to have regular and healthy teeth. Over time, teeth change their colour, gaining a yellowish or greyish colour. We offer teeth whitening that can give you a perfect smile.

Why exactly does thooth colour change?

Discolouration of healthy teeth can be caused by a number of substances. The most common culprits are coffee and tea, alongside smoking. Some dental procedures such as interventions concerning the root channels don’t leave a pretty sight either. Both of these problems can be solved by teeth whitening.

The Beyond whitening

Teeth whitening is basic treatment in cosmetic dentistry. On top of aesthetic restorations (with the help of zirconium crowns, metal-free bridges, porcelain veneers) and regulation of the teeth, modern dentistry offers natural looking fillings and teeth whitening. Using Beyond whitening, tobacco and food stains will disappear, giving back the patient that perfect smile. The end result can even be more beautiful and dazzling than the original, natural teeth.

In the United States, whitening has been used for many decades. The need for a whiter, brighter smile has increased throughout the world. Many have recognized that a perfect smile can make a people more confident and successful in every area of their lives.

How long do the effects of teeth whitening last?

An analogy that we often tell our patients is this: “imagine a freshly laundered white shirt”. When someone wears that shirt, how long will it remain spotless? You need to take care of the whitened teeth, especially for the few days following the treatment. You should avoid consuming coffee, tea, red wine, coke, as well as heavily coloured foods and also smoking. The durability of the whiteness may, to a large degree, depend on the oral hygiene.

Are you dissatisfied with an old, discoloured, or slightly tilted filling? You don’t like the shape of your canine teeth?

Fortunately, to achieve the best aesthetic look, the application of bridges is no longer a necessity. With metal-free porcelain veneers many aesthetic problems can be corrected perfectly:

  • Minor damage to the front teeth, pitting on the edges

  • Rearranging of teeth that are outside the normal tooth order

  • Colour correction in padded and treated teeth

  • Filling the gaps which appear between the teeth

  • Dental axis correction, without orthodontics

The preparation of the shell is done in two steps. First, after anaesthesia, the surface of the tooth is slightly abraded. This is then followed by sample taking, which involves the whole denture. The final shape and colour is determined together. A second layer is glued to the teeth, lending them a normal appearance, until the final product can be applied. However, one must take great care with them, because they are not as durable and cannot withstand as much mechanical stress as the end product.

This temporary shell has the shape of the original teeth, but if the patient specially requests it, then it may also have the shape of the new denture. Impressions are taken, the dental technician prepares 0.6 to 1 mm thick porcelain shell which will be tried on by the patient and glued on if it matches.

For the finishing touches the edges will be perfectly aligned and the surface polished so that you have a perfect white smile. The wearing of these veneers feels natural because they are so easy to wear.

Preparation of direct or composite shells

This method is much faster than the indirect solution prepared by the dental technician. The direct shell is prepared in our laboratory by our highly experienced dentists, which is ready in just one session. First, we start with a general whitening of the teeth, bleaching even those teeth that will have no shell attached, to make them even more pleasant to look at. In this period, the gleaming white beauty of the teeth comes to the forefront, to which the colour of the shell will be adapted, so that it will appear seamless and uniform with the rest of the dental structure. The direct shell is made of a metal-free special feeling material which is constructed through the application of several thin coats. The end results are immediately visible and wearable, as no dental intervention is required. This procedure is absolutely painless, and does not compromise the integrity of the dental structure. If the patient takes good care of the teeth, they can last several years. The metal-free veneers are durable, beautiful and the application of crowns is not a must in all cases.

Direct preparation of the shell is not always needed, in some cases roughening the surface is sufficient. In more complex cases, grinding the surface is necessary.

In which cases do we not recommend shells?

In cases with a serious biting disorder or in cases with heavily decayed, damaged or missing teeth, we recommend the treatment of these, and the application of metal-free crowns.

Dare to laugh, dare to smile while wearing the shells, because they feel perfectly natural to wear.