Dear Visitor,

My name is Viktor Banfi and I am the representative of the British partner company of Hungarodental Clinic. My first responsibilities are to guide our British patients and to help them personally in the UK to choose the best treatments suitable for them.

I met Dr. Laszlo Koronczay, owner and lead dentist of Hungarodental, few years ago when I was facing dental problems. I immediately noticed this dental clinic is completely different than what I used to meet in Hungary and in England. The atmosphere I felt and the incredibly empathetic personality of staff working here immediately enchanted when I entered the clinic. This was not like most of the clinics where one could feel nowadays that the personal relationship between patient and physician completely disappeared. This was the first clinic for long time where they asked me how I was feeling and what I was wishing for. I think this was the point when my negative attitude towards the treatment of this clinic changed. After really that smile looks at me from the mirror I had been wishing for I decided I want to be the part of this team and want to introduce this dental clinic to others in order they can experience friendly but meanwhile professional and high quality dental care.

Since then I am proud to say that I am part of the team.