Free planning

The first step towards a beautiful smile with healthy and harmonious teeth is a free dental examination, carried out by a reliable specialist, and through which changes in the dental structure are promptly addressed.

Hungarodental provides much wider means of examination that a standard dental clinic, thanks to its state of the art equipment and staff. All of the following are performed at the patient’s request free of charge:

  1. Thorough examination of the surface structure of the teeth:

The detection of cavities and broken teeth, even in hidden areas, which do not cause pain but are in need of dental care. This also includes the presentation of different materials, treatments and equipment such as prosthesis. Through this procedure further courses of action are offered in order to enhance the visible areas which can clearly be seen as the patient talks or smiles. Treatments include bleaching of the teeth, non-metallic shells, or a zirconium crown. Further advice is given concerning dental hygiene.

  1. The examination of the internal lining of the mouth, in which the state of the gums is also investigated:

This might include proposal of plaque removal, or other disorders caused by an excessive tartar build up, for example gingivitis or periodontal disease. With the help of this examination we can recommend further courses of action that the patient may choose, such as advice on implants (artificial root) which may be the most suited for the specific situation.

  1. Orthodontic examination:

Guidance is offered in regards of orthodontic methods, where a common misconception is that only juveniles and not adults can be successfully treated with orthodontics. Well aligned and healthy looking teeth are not only a question of aesthetics but also greatly boost confidence and enhance the appearance of the individual.

  1. Denture occlusion examination:

The examination of the teeth located in the upper jaw and in the lower jaw, combined with a jaw joint examination, for the purpose of ensuring a perfect bite and chewing. This examination looks exactly at how compatible the upper and lower dental structure really is, and whether they need to be adjusted to obtain a perfect seal. What is the condition of the mandibular joint? Few people think of the painful consequences that non-matching teeth can result in over the long run.

  1. Oral cancer screening test: (oncology)

This includes the examination of the floor of the mouth, the root of the tongue, and the lymph nodes of the neck and the head. The number of oral cancer patients is steadily growing and not just in the ranks of the smokers. Timely detection of such a condition is vital. It is important to know that these cancer symptoms do not cause pain for a long period of time but, nonetheless, their treatment at an early stage is crucial. The examination of the state of the dental structure is not painful, neither is it uncomfortable, but it is of utmost importance for the specialist to obtain this vital information. After the examination a specific plan can be designed for the subsequent treatment of the patient.

Regular dental examination should be carried out even if the patient does not have any complaints concerning the state of his or her dental structure, because through this preventive measure problems can be addressed in their early stages and treatment is a lot simpler. The time has come for you to possess that breathtaking white smile that you have always dreamt of! Trust your oral health to a group of selected medical professionals who use state of the art medical equipment and hold international expertise.