Dental Implants

Regain normal and healthy teeth because a missing tooth is not a pretty sight! It ages the face and also affects chewing. Missing teeth can be effectively replaced with the usage of modern implants. Surrounding teeth are not affected and the inserted implant is almost like the real tooth, meaning that it mimics the usability and look of the original tooth that it replaced. The implant is held in place by titanium or zirconium artificial roots, which are embedded in the jaw bone. It also helps when connection is required with the help of bridges.

The implantation procedure is a contemporary method

Implantation is not the simplest of interventions, but with the wide variety of advanced technology at our disposal, the process easier and safer. The precise planning of the treatment plan is essential for a high quality result. Cutting edge technology is used for this purpose, such as 3D panoramic X-rays and a 3D smile designer. Hungarodental also offers the possibility of using anaesthesia during the dental surgery. This can be either conscious sedation, full anaesthesia or general anaesthesia as well.

Implantation as the perfect tooth replacement method

Implants are a perfect choice when it comes to replacing one or several teeth because of their perfectly identical look and usability. No other tooth replacing method is as stable as this one, allowing the owner to forget that the tooth is not his natural one, because it is perfect for chewing, for biting, and for all other purposes such as eating, talking and kissing... Undoubtedly, inserting an implant is a complicated dental surgical procedure, but with the help of today’s tools and methods, the process is greatly simplified. All our implant surgeries are planned with panoramic X-rays and with 3D smile designer, in order for the procedure to yield the best results.

How to prepare for dental implants

Good overall health and a healthy jaw bone structure are essential for the intervention. The tissue friendly material quickly fuses with the bone. Only in extremely rare cases is it rejected by the body. The visible bridge that yields the aesthetic aspect is fixed on the implant. The technique allows the replacement of the entire denture, not just one or two teeth. The result looks and feels just like the original. Neighbouring teeth are not affected; their health is not compromised, and thus the lifespan of these teeth is also increased. Bridges are also applicable upon implants, so the replacement of several teeth becomes easier than with older methods.

Immediate Implantation

In the case of loss of the frontal teeth, which are part of the so called “Smile Zone” (the dental structure that is visible when an individual smiles). Immediately implant prosthesis can be made, without having to spend a single day with the ugly gap in one’s smile.

Types of dental Implants

Not only are the installation methods different, but also the materials, the treatment plan. With the help of the doctor, through a detailed conversation, the patient is offered to choose between the wide array of possible choices which involve types, quality and price. In this conversation the possibility of anaesthesia is also suggested and explained in detail.

Our company uses the Swiss implants, manufactured by Straumann and the systems provided by Dr. Ihde. We can offer our patients, who are sensitive to metals, ceramic implants containing zirconium dioxide.