Metal-free restorations

The perfect glowing smile may provided by a metal-free shell, with the help of zirconium crowns

This isn’t reserved anymore for celebrities only. These days everyone can have a perfect and attractive smile made possible by a metal-free zirconium crown!

Almost any restoration is possible with metal-free prosthesis, not only crowns but also tooth replacement on several bridges, or even the implants themselves may be made of special ceramics.

Metal-free porcelain crowns:

There is a wide array of available modern dental porcelain that don’t contain any metals. Over the years porcelain has been perfected to yield a much stronger structure. It has been even further enhanced so that it can reflect more light, and the teeth can glow more brightly. The panelling of the porcelain can be easily coloured and is natural looking.

Zirconium crown:

The zirconium crowns have a natural appearance and most importantly the shells are perfectly smooth and give the whole dental structure an orderly appearance.

Zirconium bridge:

Zirconium crowns and bridges are one of the greatest achievements that contribute vastly to modern beauty. Zirconium-oxide based metal-free crowns are natural looking and at the same time durable and perfectly suited for patients who are allergic to metals. The digitally designed zirconium bridge is light and strong.

The advantages of zirconium crowns and porcelain crowns compared to traditional metals

Many of us show signs of allergic reactions to metals. The number of patients with this symptom has steadily increased over the years. Zirconium crowns are a perfect alternative for such patients. The material permits the absorption of light, mimicking the consistency of natural teeth.

Zirconium dental restoration has another huge benefit: the zirconium crowns do not have the flaw that plagued their forbearer. Even without allergic reactions, the older type of metallic surfaces used to lead to slight gingival retraction. This problem does not exist anymore with zirconium crowns!

For the purpose of achieving maximal effectiveness, our clinic is equipped with German Sirona Cerec 3 Dental AG systems, which permit the digital planning of interventions and offer a completely personalised plan for each individual patient.

Orderly and beautiful teeth can be achieved with the help of zirconia shells, dentures and crowns. Even if more restoration is needed, the zirconia bridge is a perfect and convenient solution which lends its owner a healthy and youthful appearance.

Our partner is the German Vita Zahnfabrik Gmbh, which fabricates porcelain and zirconia crowns and all kinds of other non-metallic implants.

A cheaper solution also on our offer is the Promise composite material, manufactured by SybronDental. While this is a viable option for crowns, it is not recommended for bridges.

Weather you choose a tri-lux ceramic or zirconium-oxide frame or burned in bridge, high level of digital processing is used. The procedure is carefully planned and executed by our experienced technicians and dentists. Whatever your choice, we do everything in our power to give you a beautiful, youthful smile!