Total reconstruction

Imagine that feeling of relief that a perfect smile with impeccable white teeth can give you, while also relieving you of the fear of any hidden dental problems that may erupt at the worst moment…

You do know that this is an achievable dream?

Realise this dream right know and gain a healthy white smile!

We offer a complete dental reconstruction. Our thorough investigation does not only concern the teeth but takes a holistic approach, eliminating any problem that could potentially lead to illness in the future. More than just focusing on individual teeth, we investigate the entire dental structure, both lower and upper archs. White and healthy looking teeth are a sign of youth, while degraded or missing teeth can make you look older.

What does a complete dental reconstruction consist of?

This depends on the state of your teeth:

The teeth may only need orthodontics and bleaching, making your otherwise healthy teeth look more regular and giving them a glistening white appearance.

It may also turn out that you have some unaddressed or mistreated dental problems. It may be necessary to replace old loose crowns with new implants.

A complete reconstruction includes every possible dental treatment that is necessary for you to regain that brilliant smile. A confident and beautiful smile can make you more successful in a relationship, in your career, in everyday life. Everything is possible again – laughing in public, holding public speeches, eating the food you desire, passionate kissing!

We offer every treatment in a single location at Hungarodental Center.

We pride ourselves in our state-of-the art clinic, where we only use materials of the highest quality. You can also request that the dental treatment be carried out under anaesthesia. We want to make your decision easier. By choosing a full reconstruction, every treatment is included that you may need.

An argument in favour of a full dental reconstruction is that when, after the free examination, you choose this option, we draw up a complete plan of treatment specifically tailored to your needs. This also entails reduced prices compared to the standard prices of individual treatments.

The feeling of wholeness should not depend on your financial means!

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