Dentistry in Budapest – the smile won’t show that it cost only half the price!

A youthful and radiant smile is a necessity for proper chewing, for the consumption of food that leads to a healthy life. Therefore, it is important to replace damaged or lost teeth with natural looking replacements that are also pleasant to wear. For smaller interventions, such as filling a tooth, certainly everybody knows a dentist close to their home, maybe the old family dentist. However, for larger interventions, it is recommended to look a bit further, to extend your search and make quality your primary criteria! It’s worth the time to search a bit longer, because the effort will certainly show in the end result. Also, it can turn out that the treatment is actually significantly cheaper then back home!

But why exactly is it worth to choose Budapest?

Mainly due to the low prices, because restorations, implants, bleaching and much more only costs half the price that it would cost close to home. It is important to state that the materials and techniques used are definitely up-to-date and can easily compete with those used in Western Europe and in the US. The same state of the art pain relief, surgical equipment, latest generation of implants and metal-free restorations stands at your disposal for only half the price. Our highly qualified dental technicians provide you with fast and accurate service.

Dental Insurance, as well as European Dental Health Insurance provides benefits that can also be used in Hungary and which are guaranteed by law.

Quality and warranty is on the top of our list. Dental clinics in Budapest have experienced a huge development, significantly raising quality standards, in some cases exceeding that of those in Austria, Germany or Switzerland. Of course, our treatments and products come with a warranty included, which is actually compulsory.

Our doctors can communicate in several languages, so there can be no communication barrier. Whatever your wishes, we will perfectly understand you!

Budapest has gained a prominent place in recent years in the field of dental tourism, because it offers excellent service and is easily reachable by aircraft, train or even by car.

Trustworthy dentists in Budapest

Would you choose a dentist in a country which you don’t know? Could you trust a doctor that you have never seen before? Price is not everything, winning the trust is crucial, because you will wear the results of the treatment for years.

Prior documentation is very important: you can contact us without the need of travelling to our clinic. You can have X-rays taken and send them to us, so that your complete Dental Treatment Plan can be ready before you even arrive in Budapest. This can save you a lot of time – and a lot of anxiety.

A pleasant stay in Budapest while undergoing dental treatment

The dental treatment can be also a pleasant trip, as it can take up to 1-2 weeks. During this time, you can enjoy the excellent hotels, sightseeing tours, famous spas and wellness centres, the complete cultural experience that Budapest has to offer.

We guarantee that this will be an unforgettable holiday, after which you will surely smile a lot more!